Schematron News

by Rick Jelliffe

The upcoming release of ISO Schematron (if ISO votes yes for it!) seems to be putting a fire under implementors.

Uche Ogbuji seems to have been the first implementer into
the pool with ""
, his Python implementation.

Brian Ewins emailed about a
>rewrite of JAXEN optimized to support
Schematron better in Java. Schematron seems to expose some
particular performance issues that may be hidden
by more "typical" stylesheets or document tests:
I was told MS use or used Schematron as part of the
regresion tests for MSXML for this reason.

>Daniel Cazzulino
has mentioned he has been working on ISO Schematron upgrades for
>Schematron.NET. Schematron.NET can be used with Mono
as well as MS' .NET.

IBM have added Schematron to their
>Alphaworks technology
>Business Integration Information Conformance Statements.

I have not tested any of these, so I cannot say how
well they conform to the draft ISO Schematron: I expect
they are closer to Schematron 1.5 (the baseline pre-ISO
version that people settled on).

I had missed that the Open GIS (Geographical Information
Systems) people added Schematron as a constraint language
to their
>Geography Markup Language.

Finally, the Schematron Love-In mail group has been
down for the last two weeks, at the same time as I have
also been down with with flu (or out-of-town doing some
training). I am contacting Source Forge to figure out
what happened, and I hope we can restore it ASAP. So apologies to Uche, Brian and anyone else with Schematron announcements in that time.