Scheme Out, Python In @ MIT

by M. David Peterson

De-Scheming MIT? | Lambda the Ultimate

The MIT is going to change its curriculum structure that was famous for teaching Scheme in introductory courses. One force behind the reform is no one else than Harold Abelson, famous for his marvelous Scheme opus SICP. But why changing?

The new curriculum is designed with three goals in mind: greater flexibility in requirements, better integration of electrical engineering and computer science, and more depth to better prepare students for graduate school or real-world design challenges, he said.

And programming language wise:

Content-wise, the class is a mix as well. The first four weeks of C1 will be a lot like the first four weeks of 6.001, Abelson said. The difference is that programming will be done in Python and not Scheme.


Ming Chow
2006-11-21 06:57:27
We will have to wait and see how this turns out to be. At least they didn't switch to Java.
M. David Peterson
2006-11-21 14:55:06
Hey Ming,

> At least they didn't switch to Java.

:D :D :D

So true, so true :D

Thanks for the laugh!

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