SciFi Pulse goes Live

by Erica Sadun

Sci Fi Pulse debuted today. It's got a lot of great features--but it's no ABC. When you visit the ABC interactive TV site, you're guaranteed to find the day-after latest episodes of some of their top shows. Sci Fi Pulse also offers full-length episodes, but in no coherent on-demand or day-after presentation. Instead, you get the standard behind-the-scenes filler (it's pretty cool as filler goes) and a sample "taste this" episode, in this case Battlestar Galactica's "Scar".

Scar is an action-packed season 2 thrill-ride which struggled to play back over my DSL connection. ABC had the same problem, but courteously informed me that the video playback would be jerky given my connection speed. Pulse also seems to lack the integration with advertising snippets that ABC is pulling off so well during its two-month trial (set to end on June 30th).

Local stations are hardest hit when networks go digital. Fortunately ABC and it seems Fox as well are bringing their broadcast affiliate stations into digital revenue sharing deals.



Marina loves pictures
2006-05-09 10:15:55
Interesting development. I guess this type of entertainment business is very inexpensive for making profit.