SCO Moot Court Video

by Steve Mallett

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Last evening at OSCON was the SCO Moot court. An entertaining and informative look at just how both SCO, and IBM lawyers may state their cases in court.

Over the course of the moot court two real-life lawyers stepped into SCO and IBM's shoes and stated their cases expertly in front of the certainly biased crowd. Myself included.

There were many scoffs from the crowd while listening to points made by our 'acting' SCO lawyer that sounded, of course, outrageous to those in attendance. However, it was not all good news and cheer basking in SCO's foibles.

Herein, is video of our SCO lawyer, whose name escaped me, who volunteered to do the job reluctantly. He only did so after many disclaimers that he was only doing so for our benefit. Reading between the lines, he wanted us to know that he thinks SCO are a bunch of snakes just like we do. So, if are are at OSCON and you do see this gentleman give him a pat on the back for doing such a good job playing the bad guy.