Screenshots of New Enlightenment DR16.7.1

by Steve Mallett

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The Enlightenment dev. team released the lastest Enlightenment window manager for linux yesterday. We've taken a few screenshots.

Don't let the blank looking images fool you. That is a feature of Enlightenment.

From the release announcement: "DR16.7.1 has been released!. This is the biggest release since DR16 first debuted! In this release dependencies have changed from Imlib/FreeType to Imlib2/FreeType2. The old default themes (which made the distribution almost 18M in size!) have been replaced with "Winter" by rephorm. The distribution has been split into 3 diffrent packages: programs (source), docs (Edox), and themes. A long long list of bugs have been fixed (including some very old nagging ones that weren't easy for kwo to squash). And probly of most interest to the end user: 'Theme Transparency'."