SDK for Lightroom Soon?

by James Duncan Davidson

It looks like the upcoming release of Lightroom, which is supposed to bring compatibility with Leopard, may bring more. Todd Dominey wrote the following on the SlideShowPro News blog:

A frequent request from many, I'm pleased to announce that in the coming weeks we'll be offering a plugin for Adobe Lightroom, the Windows / OS X photo management and editing software developed for professional photographers.

SlideShowPro looks interesting, and being able to have more output options from Lightroom is a good thing. But, hello! This might (emphasis on might, I know nothing, I'm not under NDA, etc) mean that the long awaited SDK is about to be ready to go. If so, that's great news and will be a welcome feature in the next version of Lightroom.


2007-11-04 21:20:54
I was told as well that SDK may be part of Lightroom 1.3. Hope this is really the case, as integrated plug-ins and tools will bring Adobe's software to stratospheric levels.
As Camera Raw 4.3 is in the pipeline as well, I have no idea if mid-november update will be a simple fix for Leopard or a full new version.
2007-11-05 01:02:29
In the absence of related news from elsewhere, I would guess that this is simply a Web Gallery and not a plug-in in the sense that it was based on some official SDK. Web Galleries have been created by others before and are not really a secret... Just some knowledge of XML/XSLT.
2007-11-05 01:22:37
I don't think that SlideShowPro is only a web gallery. And it can be that this company has access to Lightroom beta program and already work on a draft plug-in.
And yes, SDK is part of Lr 1.3 beta, but it doesn't mean that it will necessarily ship with the retail version.
John Beardsworth
2007-11-05 03:25:57
Alexander is correct. Though I don't know exactly what Todd is planning, you should certainly not infer that his SSP "plugin" (he used the wrong term) means that an SDK must be imminent. I am more than 99% certain he will create a web gallery - as an SSP user, I had investigated doing so myself. All you need is XML/XSLT. And time.

Gilles, anyone who told you about some SDK was either under an NDA, or wasn't and didn't know what they were talking about.

2007-11-05 03:57:05
Anyway, let's see what SSP and next Lr update will bring us. As many users, I wish for a not-too-distant release of a SDK, in order to get addidtionnal tools produced by specialized software editors.
Regarding what I said below, I'm only reporting what I heard in a conversation by accident - so it has to be taken with a grain of salt, of course.