[Second Life:Mono Project] Linden Labs Mono-powered Virtual Machine Beta Now Available!

by M. David Peterson

Mono Beta Launch ? Official Linden Blog

We're very pleased to announce the beta testing of Mono in Second Life. Mono is a technology which will increase the speed of scripts running in Second Life. The goal is that everyone will experience reduced lag and improved stability and that it will be possible to script complex behaviours that were not previously feasible in Second Life.

Very nice! It's absolutely wonderful to see successful open source projects such as Second Life (for those unaware, the Second Life grid is now GPL'd) embracing other successful open source projects such as Mono, making both projects better as a result. With as many code savvy Second Lifers' as there are on this planet, I can only imagine the type of positive impact this is going to have when the more curious of the bunch begin rootin' around to discover what other cool things they can now do with the extended capabilities the Mono VM offers them.

Very cool! :D