Secret Slideshow Title Capability in iPhoto 6

by Derrick Story

iPhoto Slideshow Title

I was digging around in iPhoto 6 earlier this week looking for something new to play with. I hadn't done much with the Greeting Card function and thought that it might be useful for something other than building pretty cards to sent to Mom. I created one, then tried to make a PDF of it. It worked. Suddenly it dawned on me that I could generate cool looking titles for my slideshows using this tool... and never have to leave iPhoto.

With a little more playing around, I used the "Save PDF to iPhoto" option in the print dialog box to put my design directly in iPhoto as 1200x800 Jpeg. I then started experimenting with the design and typography options in the Greeting Card generator itself. There's lots of power there!

I've posted two mini tutorials on how to create these titles. The first, Amazing Title Graphics for iPhoto Slideshows shows you the the ins and outs for creating a static title slide for your iPhoto slideshow. The second post, How to Animate Your iPhoto Titles puts those title slides in motion using the Ken Burns effect. You can download a sample file to see how this technique would look in your slideshow.

I think slideshows are great tools for photographers of all levels. Creating one forces you to select your best images, put them in some sort of narrative, and provides you with a medium to share them with others. Adding professional graphics to these presentations -- all without ever having to leave iPhoto -- is a big plus. Give it a try.

See It in Person

If you're in Northern California on the weekend of October 7, stop by the Macintosh Computer Expo and sit in on my iPhoto 6 Tips and Tricks session. It's free, and I'll show you this tip plus lots of other cool iPhoto goodies. For those who really want to dig into some shooting techniques, stick around another day and sign up for my Digital Photography Made Amazing half day workshop on Oct. 8. But sign up early because seating is limited.


2007-09-30 00:23:38
Any tips on how to get rid of the gap between songs when you select multiple songs as background for a slideshow? I can do this in itunes, but the seetings don't carry over to the iphoto slideshow.