Security magazines

by Anton Chuvakin

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A fellow blogger commented on the miserable state of security publications, such as magazines. So, what good, mediocre and, mmmm, "other" print security periodicals are out there? Note that what follows is my personal opinion and not any kind of 'objective evaluation'

  • "Information Security Magazine" - still a nice read, even though it's been wavering lately.

  • "ISSA Journal" - some crititize it, but I like it. Sometimes there is a gem of an article in there.

  • "SC Magazine" - no comment on this one :-)

  • "Information Systems Security: The (ISC)2 Journal" - a bit academic at times, but contains interesting pieces. Subscription is a bit expensive though.

  • "IT*SECURITY Magazine" - a new entrant to the scene; I liked a couple of articles, but haven't formed my opinion on it yet.

  • "CSO Magazine" - can be hilarious on technical issues, but a good read for those with interests "higher up the stack"

  • "USENIX ;login" - my subscription expired, but I liked it for both esoteric technical insight and opinion pieces.


    2005-10-21 09:53:25
    Re: Security magazines

    Forgive me for noting this, but that seems like most of the easily obtainable security-related trade magazines.

    So from your post, it seems like there are only one or two possibly worth a look.

    Is the field that weakly covered by the trade press? I find that a bit hard to believe.


    2005-10-24 08:13:50
    Re: Security magazines
    Sorry, I guess I somehow managed to project a wrong impression. I do read all of the above magazines and I like them. They all publish great articles at times. I do not think the field is weakly covered (esp considering that many IT rags also cover security - to the best of the ability :-)), all I am saying is thatthere is no single magazine which I would call my '#1 favorite'. For example, a couple of years ago I used to read pretty much every single article in "Information Security"; now I mostly scan thru the pages.
    2005-10-24 08:21:37
    More magazines
    I forgot CSI "Computer Security Journal" (another issue just came); fun to read as well.