See you at XML 2007

by Uche Ogbuji

So my paper was accepted at XML 2007. I look forward to seeing some of you folks there. The schedule looks interesting not just because I see topics that I enjoy, and some about which I want to learn, but also because I see a lot of stuff that makes me think: "Oh, it'll be fun to debate that one". Anyway for my part I'll be presenting "XML Data modeling for Web publishing workflow", which is a pedestrian, but accurate title. I've been proud of the architectural expertise I've provided to help manage content workflow for Sun's main sites over the past few years, but I've never been given permission to discuss it much. It will be fun to talk about some of that with Kristen Harris, the director with whom I've closely worked in that time.


Michael Day
2007-10-07 22:06:51
Sounds exciting, I look forward to seeing you there, particularly if you would like to debate how best to print XML :)