Seeking community contribution for MySQL QA

by Giuseppe Maxia

MySQL has recently started a campaign of open contribution, inviting the community to participate to the MySQL project in many ways.

The next target, also considering the higer stakes coming from the MySQL Enterprise challenge, will be Quality Assurance.


Haidong Ji
2006-10-31 19:52:02
Great post!

I think one guiding principal should be making it easier for people. That boils down to establish a smooth, painless (or as little pain as possible) process for people to participate. Sometimes when the barrier of entry is so low that you get more quantity but not necessarily quality, so there is a fine balance there to juggle. But overall I think the process of a lot QA stuff is a little hard to follow.

I think the forge wiki site is terrific, and the CommunityDoxgen project is interesting. I, for one, would like to squeeze some time to help out and participate. As to incentives, to me, free training would be very nice. That will get enthusiastic volunteers up to speed quickly.