Seeking XML, SOA, Semantic Web Bloggers

by Kurt Cagle

I have recently accepted the position as Site Editor for the site, becoming responsible for the content appearing throughout the site as well as helping to guide functionality and look and feel for this particular portion (and to a certain extent the other sites in the O'Reilly Network). Having contributed to for several years, I feel honored to get a chance now to steer the editorial direction of the site, but I also need help doing it.

What I'm looking for right now, more than anything, are bloggers interested and passionate about XML and who would like the forum of to share these ideas. Given the breadth of the XML field at this point, what I'm looking for in terms of skills or expertise is equally broad; specialists (and generalists) in:

  • XML Data Technologies (XQuery, LINQ, XForms, etc.)
  • Semantic Web, both formal (RDF Stack) and informal (micoformats, folksonomies, and so forth)

  • User Interface, User Experience and RIA Components (AJAX, XUL, Silverlight, Flex, CDF/WICD, etc.)

  • Publishing and Syndication (AtomPub, Office Formats, DocBook, DITA)

  • SOA Services (SOAP, WSDL, Messaging and Marshalling, ESB, etc.)
  • XML Data Modeling (Schema design, taxonomies, methodologies)

These are currently unpaid positions, though we're working on plans to change that, but the site is widely recognized as being one of the pre-eminent authorities on XML technologies on the web, and we hope to provide as much editorial freedom as possible to all of our bloggers.

So if you are interested in writing a regular blog on the hottest trends in XML, give me a shout at with what you'd like to do and, if you have any, some samples of writings on the web.


Sylvain Hellegouarch
2008-03-21 14:25:38
Congratulations Kurt. I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job :)
2008-03-21 22:54:18
One other thing you might want to look into is a writer who can give a kind of step-by-step and stage-by-stage for those who are just getting involved with XML and related technologies.

Or probably even better, your new and existing writers can do series that fulfill the same role.

Congrats, Kurt. Another job to add to your overly busy schedule, but the most productive people are usually overbooked.

M. David Peterson
2008-03-23 09:08:35
So it's offical? *SWEET*! :D Congratulations, Kurt! (and you even got an official account... NICE! :D)
Dan Sickles
2008-03-23 14:48:06
Looking forward to it. I hope you'll still have time for your own writing.
Kurt Cagle
2008-03-23 18:57:42
Yup. That email addie is the biggest perk of the job ;-)

I will definitely continue writing, though the irony is that much of that will be under the Burton Group banner. I will be writing the XML.Extra newsletter weekly (and to subscribe to it, go to, and will also be posting to this venue as often as my schedule permits.

2008-03-24 09:38:00
Congratulations Kurt. Good luck wrangling!

Of course, I'd like to see articles about X3D and Collada. :-)

Russ Miles
2008-03-25 06:37:58
Congrats Kurt. Great to see you take on this challenge, you're the perfect man for the job!
2008-03-25 12:05:30
How much do they pay? Considering I tricked you to work on xForms.Org for FREE for years, probably not much. You were the guy that told me that writing a book is NOT the way to get rich.
I would say some more, but I just may apply myself.
P.S. - What about JSON?
Catherine, the redhead
2008-03-27 15:33:41
Ahhhh to work with the mighty across the county at O'Reilly is this redhead blogger's dream ... but I am about as great at XML as my 13 year old son is great at picking wet bath towels up off the floor. (I am studying XML, but my son and the towel thing isn't changing soon I fear). That said, I am excited to see that O'Reilly is blogging. Best of luck to you Kurt with this new venture. I am sure you will find some great bloggers ... and I can come by and ask newbie questions of you all!
Catherine, the redheaded blogger