Send any audio to AirTunes

by brian d foy

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Rogue Amoeba, the makers of the insanely cool Audio Hijack, will release Slipstream in January 2005. In an email they sent to registered users of their other products, they say:

Now, audio from any program can be played through it. With Slipstream, the AirPort Express isn't just for iTunes any more.

Very cool: I can't seem to give these guys money fast enough for all the cool stuff they have. At some point I'd like to have RealPlayer on all the speakers in my house so I can keep listening no matter which room I move to.


2004-12-22 08:51:24
Slightly Offtopic
Ahem, you might want to point those guys to the "real" SlipStream...
2004-12-22 09:01:47
Slightly Offtopic
Yeah, i noticed that when I put "Slipstream" in my google search bar. But, I don't pick their names, and you can point them to the real one as well as I can. :)
2004-12-24 21:59:18
Not the first
"With Slipstream, the AirPort Express isn't just for iTunes any more."

It stopped being just for iTunes when JustePort was released several months ago:

It's dishonest of Rogue Amoeba to pretend that they're the first.

2004-12-24 23:09:30
Not the first
According to the description, JustePort only works for MPEG4 files. Rogue Ameoba's Slipstream works with the audio of any application, so they are indeed the first. JustePort doesn't do anything I can't already do with iTunes.
2004-12-25 09:48:32
Not the first
Yes, they're the first to send *any* audio to an AirPort Express, but they're not the first besides Apple to support sending audio to an AirPort Express.

Their "With Slipstream, the AirPort Express isn't just for iTunes any more." statement is dishonest. Especially when they probably relied on reverse engineering done by others to create Slipstream. In other words, not only do they not give credit to those who did the hard work, they even pretend to be the first besides Apple to support AirTunes.

With JustePort you can stream Apple Lossless files to an AirPort Express under Linux. You can't do that with iTunes, because there is no iTunes for Linux.

2005-01-17 15:44:14
Not the first
Interestingly the product announcement came some time after I had already posted about using AudioHijack Pro to snarf a feed then applscript it to JustePort using mono in OS X.