Send me your XForms success stories

by Micah Dubinko

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I hear lots of anecdotal news of XForms being used all over the place. I'd like to start documenting these in a more organized fashion.

Send me your XForms success stories, and I'll publish the top entries in a white paper I'm putting together, under an open content license.

Have you put XForms into production anywhere? Have you seen it pop up in any unexpected places? If XForms has made your life easier, I want to hear about it.

Send me your stories, or post them here:


2004-10-04 07:22:46
More than success
Success stories are great and they can aid in helping you decide to use a technology. But what I find is really needed is how the success stories happened. What tools where used in the process?

I'm trying to find a GUI solution that supports fat client and web based clients. But I also want a solution that will allow end users to create their own screens, something that can remove at least 80% to 90% of the programmers work. I want the business analysts to create the screens, the programmers should concentrate on allowing the screens to be hooked up. Finally, I want a long lasting approach. I haven't seen GUI XForms designers or other tools to help people with XForms

The success stories are great, but I want to see some substance.