Serving content to mobiles: XHTML 1.0 or XHTML Basic?

by Michael(tm) Smith

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My friend Andreas is looking for feedback on what flavor of XHTML to serve up to mobile devices.

Andreas writes:

Support for XHTML Basic is here and that’s probably how it will stay—there is no move to fully support XHTML 1.0 on mobile devices.

So what should we do? Offer two versions of a webpage and serve the appropriate version via CC/PP based content negotiation mechanisms? Or else, just don’t care too much about all this stuff (yet) —it is a bit an esotheric issue as rendering isn’t really affected— and continue offering the same XHTML 1.0 to both desktop and mobile browsers?

If you have comments, please post them over at Andreas's entry over at the Web-Graphics site.

If you have comments, please post them at