Set Up Your Metadata View

by James Duncan Davidson

One of the areas in which Aperture excels is in managing, applying, and searching metadata about your images. To get the most of this feature, however, you need to make sure you add the appropriate metadata to your images in your library. It doesn't take much time to edit the metadata for each image, but it does add up. There are several places in the Aperture workflow where you can work with metadata, but the most used place is the Metadata View panel.

Windblown Mt. Shasta

By default, this panel comes with several view presets that give you lots of options for which metadata you want to see. For me, however, no one view worked quite as well as I'd like. There are certain IPTC fields that I care quite a bit about and others that I don't use at all. And, I like to see my camera's EXIF data mixed in to the meta data view.


2006-12-26 16:12:25
Cool. Do you know if it's possible to customize the adjustments panel to automatically display certain options? Say sharpening?



2006-12-31 10:58:05
Whats a IPTC?
James Duncan Davidson
2007-01-01 17:09:36
Adam: I don't know if it's possible to add sections to the adjustments panel. I can say, however, that Control-S and Control-M are drilled into my brain for popping in the Sharpening and Monochrome adjustments respectively.

N00b: I just answered that in my next blog post:

Andrew Fickling
2007-01-04 14:44:02
If you generate custom metadata, set your own list of criterianot just use the existing IPCT lists ,etc. Will it export with the file when exported as a Jpeg or a Tiff?



James Duncan Davidson
2007-01-05 18:28:27
Indeed. The IPTC data will go along for the ride in any export JPEG or TIFF files. See the following blog entry for more information:

Ed Waldrup
2007-11-11 16:48:48
Any suggestions for creating custom Aperture tags for image data from Canon EOS 1V etc. scans? Aperture thinks all TIFF scans are digital in origin and blocks out manual data such as ISO film speed. Thanks