Setting Up Sipura for Free VoIP Calls

by Bruce Stewart

Makezine is pointing to a great HOW-TO on configuring the Sipura SPA3000 with VoIPStunt for free calling by Chris Järnåker.

So what more can this little box do? You can basically set any existing VoIP parameter that exists in the SPA3000. I mean - you have hundreds of parameters you can change to make it work together with for example a Asterisk server (the Linux PBX). You can set it up so that you can call from your cell phone to your local landline (the Sipura’s line in) and it will route your call out over VoIP, and this means that you can call international from your cell phone with local rates. Neat huh? You can have it route calls to lets say France over your landline but calls to Germany over VoIP, or it can hold your telephone book so that you can press a short code for a long telephone number.