Share, Reuse, Relax, Repeat: Bungee Goes Social, Injects Aspect-Oriented Community Code Sharing Repository To Mix

by M. David Peterson

A bit of a Bungee Labs theme as of late, and for good reason: I have about this >< much time at the moment to do not a whole lot more than eat, sleep, code, repeat, and while that doesn't answer why I've bin on a Bungee Binger, as per the title of this post, any way I can find to save both time, money, and the stress of worrying about whether or not I'm going to make any given deadline is something I'm going to be paying attention to. As such, my attention has been directed towards any aspect of my developer toolbag which holds potential of providing a faster, more efficient, and more productive way to get from Join Point A to Point Cut B, and in this regard, I have some advice,

When your concerns are founded upon finding every possible way to weave into any given paragraph the key phrases and terminology used in Aspect Oriented Programming, chances are quite good you should consider taking a *NICE LONG* vacation as far away from the keyboard and computer screen as you can possibly get. And it's for this very reason I am finding the latest offering from Bungee Labs oh so very appealing to these liquid crystallized eye balls of mine,