Share your annoyance with SCO

by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's fed up to the gills with the whole SCO debacle. Five years from now, I have this weird premonition that we'll be watching a movie or TV series on the drugs, booze, and backroom cash-tossing that led to one of the most ridiculous stock market scams ever.1

For a while there, I was just getting more and more annoyed about it. I have a difficult time just sitting there with such angry energy buzzing about so I decided to do something even if it might turn out to be a waste of time. Anyway, in the process of setting up a swag shop for a newsletter that I run for Lockergnome, I added a subsection for SCO and other activist topics. A portion of all proceeds from the subshop goes to Red Hat's Open Source :NOW: Fund.

What can you do to help? Spread the facts to your local newspapers and businesses. Bring copies of many articles showing up discussing Linus Torvalds' reactions and analyses, and those of Bruce Perens. Include copies of the coverage showing that SCO executives are dumping their stocks, profiting off of this insanity.

Someone told me recently that his company has put its thoughts to move to Linux on hold, and asked me if I saw any slowdowns in the Linux arena. I'm happy to say that no, I haven't. If anything, SCO's giving Linux lots of news coverage! And the more obvious slime they spew at Linux, the more Linux is validated, just as Microsoft discovered after their earlier FUD campaigns.

Microsoft is going on lately about how they will fight Linux with "rational truth." Funny, considering how much money they paid out to SCO when all of this started. What amazes me, though, is trying to figure out what's going through the heads of SCO's board of directors and executives. Do they actually think they have a case? Are they that demented?

Or are they just trying to bilk some money out of the system?

  1. This is my opinion only, and is of course not necessarily endorsed by O'Reilly & Associates. Maybe they would. I haven't asked.

Let out that frustration. What slogans would you put on a shirt for SCO?


2003-08-22 02:53:27
I would like to do my part to be a part of the solution. Unfortunately, I am a person of little influence in the IT and legal community.

I've determined to install and learn Linux as my response and support for all of this FUD.

I've bought the software and books. I'me very good with computers and in the future I can serve the community in some ways with the knowledge I've learned about Linux.

2003-08-22 03:20:38
Also determined!
I decided I ought to get to know Linux a while ago - I'm a very proficient Windows user (I'm a software developer) so I figured I shouldn't really have to much trouble getting to grips with it. I built a server to run in the corner of my dining room (running a Via C3 processor for ultra-low power consumption) and, whilst downloading Red Hat ISOs I stumbled across this 'SCO' company and their claims...

I've since become not only an avid Linux advocate (despite still learning about it) but also completely addicted to the ever-more twisty, turny 'evidence' SCO try and wheel out, and their almost twice-daily press release schedule.

What I see is a company that stood still, let everybody overtake them, get upset and start throwing a tantrum. And it _is_ a tantrum, their 'facts' and 'defence' of what they're doing is akin to that of the four-year olds I see in supermarkets. The fact that column-inches adds to the stock value is a happy 'coincidence' to the directors, as far as I can tell.

It's all surreal - it borders on the far-fetched. And I agree, in 5 years time there'll be a gripping mini-series about it. What remains of SCO will claim IBM are behind it as well.

2003-08-22 06:37:47
SCO has been dead for 10 years
This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Dead and Pathetic.
2003-08-22 07:23:34
SCO claims are nonsense!
Great job on the weblog.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading on the SCO/IBM/GNU Linux issue. SCO claims that users are not indemnified by the GPL and that is somehow considered a weakness of the GPL. This notion is absolutely baseless because users are not indemnified by use of any software. The Microsoft End User Licence Agreement (EULA) is not worded to protect the user. It is only designed to protect the interests of Microsoft. Nowhere in any Microsoft licensing can you find any example of users being indemnified against actions brought against them by third parties by claiming ownership to intellectual property within Windows. It emphatically states just the opposite; That if any action is brought upon the user, then the user must agree to hold Microsoft harmless.
The code and solutions provided in GNU/Linux are basically owned by the public. SCO is trying to take them away from the public. This is one of the largest attempted heists in history. It should be front page news!

Ken Zahorec

2003-08-22 08:08:00
All your computers are belong to us
Having worked in the computer industry for 20 years I have seen a number of FUD campaigns come and go, but this is by far the most ridiculous one of all. I used an SCO product once, about 9 years ago, and it was by far the WORST operating system I have ever seen. SCO imho has never had a real product, they certainly have never had real management, and therefore they have resorted to being a company whose sole purpose in life is litigation. I for one will never again touch let alone pay for a product from SCO, neither will any of the companies I am involved with, my business associates, or anyone else I have influence with. SCO will lose, they will go away, and a few of their execs will probably end up being sued or jailed along the way.
2003-08-22 09:10:26
SCO Sucks
I can't believe anything that SCO wrote would be in Linux. Linux works. SCO can't do a simple more, cat, or grep across the network via telnet. I always got garbage included in the text sent to me. I also had problems retrieving files from the SCO system via NFS.
2003-08-22 09:36:16
One Possible Slogan
Here's something you can put on a T-Shirt:


2003-08-22 10:02:59
One Possible Slogan

2003-08-22 10:18:41
SCO T-Shirt

In bold type:


2003-08-22 10:47:57
(white on black)


2003-08-22 12:11:15
SCO can't stop us
I started into Linux probably a year to a year and a half ago. Iv'e stayed with it, I love Linux, it's only a matter of time untill all my computers run Linux. But ever since this whole SCO thing came out I have been using Linux a lot more, and trying to find out more than I already know. They can claim anything they want, there are no real facts so using Linux is like spitting in their face. If we should have to pay them royalties, they should pay royalties to the anonymous kernel developer that said they couldn't use his code that he contributed and was in their Linux.
2003-08-22 12:15:40
Liar Liar
Dim SCO as New Idiot

Private Sub Main()
If SCO.StillKicking then
End If
End Sub

2003-08-22 12:26:57
Liar Liar
Better be careful, SCO might claim you stole their name. But hey, I like the code.
2003-08-22 12:47:47
SCO has been dead for 10 years
It's so dead that it stinks, flesh rotten as McBride bald head.

Entering runlevel 666 ...
[SCO] : Sending all the process the TERM signal...


[root@linuxcommunity] $ : cat ~/copyleft.notice

Sorry SCO. Nice shot... but I just removed "shutdown -SCO now" from MY damn LINUX kernel!

2003-08-22 14:03:21
I knew there had to be a mistake somewhere:)
2003-08-22 14:18:36
Srewballs Crowing Obtusely!
I excise SCO from my environment! Your products were crap for years and now I have a better understanding why. McBride - cash in now because your arse is blackballed from the IT community; Afghanistan welcomes you.
2003-08-22 15:22:25
Also determined!
SCO has already claimed that IBM is behind every lawsuit and argument from the Linux community. So far IBM hasn't called and offered me money to shoot my mouth off about it. I feel left out.
2003-08-22 15:31:06
SCO is finished
I didn't know anything about SCO until this suit, but I am certain about one thing; after doing research on this case I know that I wil NEVER buy any products from SCO. How long has SCO been in bed with Microsoft? How much is Microsoft paying SCO to attempt to destroy Linux? Does SCO think that people are so stupid that it is not completely obvious what is going on? If there were ever evidence that the government should break up Microft this is it. The subversive and anti-competitive action of the SCO division of Microsoft will lead to the end of their company. Linux will survive. People want a choice, not to be forced to used overpriced, unsecure software of a bully.
2003-08-22 17:51:38
You're right. Even if you don't have much expertise in Linux, you can still exert the power of your wallet in the marketplace.
2003-08-22 18:59:23
SCO-- The ultimate entertainment
Ever since Seinfeld ended I did not have a fun way to pass the Thursday night Primetime. But SCO came to the rescue. They have come up with a case of nothing (just like Jerry and Geroge wanted to do a show about nothing). But SCO is more interesting-- Seinfeld used to come on TV only once a week-- SCO is coming pretty much every day on all Linux news front pages and other news portals. SCO is better than Seinfeld too--- it adds a touch of day-time soap opera twist to the whole scenario. Just like those juicy soap operas SCO 's crack smoking Darl McBride has a super conspiracy theory that the whole world is against him and IBM is the master of puppets. In today's hectic life SCO is doing an invaluable service-- it's providing unsurpassed never-before-seen entertainment all day everyday-- its like 24/7 Prime Time entertainment. It could not get any better than this. Thank you SCO. I nominate Darl McBride for the Best Actor and the Best Director awards in both day-time Soap Opera and Prime Time comedy categories in the upcoming Golden Globe Award.
2003-08-23 03:46:49
One Possible Slogan
2003-08-23 03:48:48
SCO Sucks
Why did you use that kind of crap in the first place anyway?
2003-08-23 04:40:24
The child of the 90's is playing with his Linux box, he is the future.
The child of the 80's is calling them SCOscum.
The child off the 70's is busy coding.
The child of the 60's wants to know what they are smoking.
The child of the 50's thinks this is a fitting end to the Unix wars.
The child of the 40's couldn't care less.

-- for the child of the 90's.
A happy looking computer cartoon with the caption “ Linux rocks”
--For the 80's
Two trolls on the left with money bulging out of there pockets, one labeled Microsoft, the other SUN ( they paid the license fee, parhaps the SUN troll has horns to remind us from where SUN came), both large trolls are egging a smaller troll on. The smaller troll has just got a penguin by one wind and is about to thump him. You cold have Thor up in the clouds about to release a bolt of lightening at the two larger trolls with Thor labeled IBM. The caption, no less than “SCOscum”.
--For the 70's
Some code, previous posters have provided some nice examples. The caption, “Just keep on coding”.
--For the 60's
Two men under a sign “ Smoke Crack Occult”, they are stoned, they have share certificates and money littering the floor. No caption.
--For the 50's
The BSD devil is in the lower left corner, on his back a little untidy, but healthy, bent pitch fork, looking really cross. Man in middle, just been through a bomb, looks shabby and dead, label SCO. Bent UNIX words are littered all over the place. A well groomed penguin in the top right with a ? above his head. The caption. “SCO ends the Unix wars”.
--For the 40's
Old man with horn in his ear, with the caption.
Microsoft who? SCO what?
My granddaughter says Linux rocks.

Sell as a set.

2003-08-23 10:23:14
What sickens me most is that this suit isn't being pursued by the Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. of old, but being pursued by an organization, Caldera, that built itself from Linux, promoting Linux, Coding Linux, and truthfully nothing else as a true product offering. In fact all of their IPO money came from their pursuit of building a business from Linux. Then Caldera purchased the server operating system organization of the real Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) including the Unix code in question, the real SCO changed their name to Tarantella (see ), and Caldera changed their name to The SCO Group. This is in fact a Linux company that has turned traitor to the very concept that brought them into existance in the first place. Call me naive, but I really believe this comes down to "good vs. evil" with GNU/Linux being the "good", and SCaldera being "evil". Entertaining? Yes, sometimes, but I also feel threatened, angry, furious, full of negative energy, and I have this strong wish that something very bad would happen to McBride and others involved.

My vote for tee-shirt slogan:

"SCaldera will soon be stomped into the earth, GNU/Linux Rulz"

2003-08-25 03:27:28
The more IT professionals are pushed to MS (now by SCO) the more commited I will be in Linux
This disgusting, criminal lawsuit of SCO-Microsoft has finally pushed me of removing from my comapany the old NT4 server and installing a totally now operational Linux-Samba server, only in 2 days! The next step will be to start studying removing some Windows desktops to Linux, because when the hole community of IT professionals have the back against the wall and a sword in the chest we can do nothing more than fight, for our freedom, for our future! Let's end with the Microsoft/SCO(now) criminals! They are forcing us to use bad tools for so long now. The time of surrendering has come to and end. This lawsuit is the beginning of a new software freedom era. And the end of SCO (without any doubt).
2003-08-25 06:15:10
is it SCO or SCUM ? pick one!
2003-08-25 07:15:29
SCO Sucks
Because the company that I worked for didn't know better. I was a *cough-cough-gag* windows programmer back then and was trying to get a program to communicate with the UNIX server.
2003-08-25 07:18:41
SCO Sucks
By the way. That company is now working on switching from SCO to RedHat. I just wish they did that years ago.
2003-08-25 07:30:51
SCO/Caldera Could Owe Trillions
As a computer scientist and open-source developer, I have been following the SCO/Caldera case for some time. SCO's motives baffle me. SCO claims infringement of software rights in the Linux kernel, yet releases the same Linux kernels under the GPL themselves. Now SCO is attempting a counter-defense that the GPL is non-binding? Does SCO know what they are dooming themselves with? If by some slim chance (most unlikely) SCO invalidates the GPL, this would mean SCO has KNOWINGLY been distributing literally thousands of others software via a license SCO claims is void giving those thousands of developers each a claim against SCO for infringement of their software rights... SCO/Caldera Could Owe Trillions...
These actions of SCO against GPL seem to either be by very stupid SCO execs or very desperate SCO execs trying to exact vengence on the open-source market for their failing company.

Ben Drushell
Open-Source Developer

2003-08-25 08:59:39
Something more...
I just can't help but think that there is something more... The actions that SCO execs are taking are laughable and irrational from our perspective, but what if they make perfect sense from some other, sinister point of view. I just have to wonder what their true aim is...
2003-08-25 10:27:04
Something more...
Lawsuit news from SCO only strengthens open-source advocates promotion and use of GNU/Linux. However, business people looking for dollar savings amounts are always swayable.

There is always the theory that MS is behind SCO's lawsuit by distancing the MS company name, but causing business people to delay switching to Linux giving MS 2003 server a marketing chance. That would destroy SCO though as described in "SCO/Caldera could owe trillions" comment. In this case, who are the share-holders of SCO that they would let their execs destroy SCO?

SCO might also be not as financially sound as they would like people to think. Caldera's purchase of the former SCO Inc. had to cost something. They might just be blowing hot air and posturing to increase their stock for a buyout from another company. SCO execs might be thinking blow enough hot air and someone will buy them out rather than deal with lost business from lawsuit news.

One thing to always remember, greed causes people to do bazarre and stupid things.

2003-08-25 15:54:11
re: SCO is finished
heh, whishful thinking. but expect no justice from THIS government that helped to rid of antitrust ruling so swiftly after its, um, installation - no doubt in exchange for some homeland security features.
2003-08-25 16:04:54
Let us all remember the actual criminal himself, McBride. I don't know about all of you other people, but I will remember this pathetic weasel. So that in the future, I can inspect and find this cluster f--k around and mess with his work. One thing I don't get is, why aren't the hacker groups are quite about this? I'm a relative newbie, but if I knew some cracking skill, I will definitely try to f--k SCO. None are doing that except for that DOS attack sometime ago. What's going on?
2003-08-25 16:08:21
This would just give SCO a sympathy ploy to pull in the media, IMO, and would make the Linux community look juvenile. I'd rather not see things like this done that might give SCO any kind of legitimacy.
2003-08-25 16:22:09
Yeah, I know... But ain't it be sooooo satisfying?
2003-08-25 21:12:32
SCO's MIT experts go missing
SCO said, they had three teams, including a team from MIT math department, examine their "proof" of UNIX code improperly in Linux

1. No such team could be found at MIT. And SCO are back tracking on this claim.

2. Here is an example quote SCO made about MIT,10801,81973,00.html

"SCO was able to uncover the alleged violations by hiring three teams of experts, including a group from the MIT math department, to analyze the Linux and Unix source code for similarities. "All three found several instances where our Unix source code had been found in Linux," said a SCO spokesman.

2003-09-30 02:09:49
SCO is full of sh...
According to Novell SCO does not own the rights to Unix V.

Thank god they will be reunited with their craator shortly.

Ron Cohen