Shared Source CLI Provides Source Code for a FreeBSD Implementation of .NET

by Glen Gillmore

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A couple of the points presented in this article are particularly important for someone who is looking to jump into this enormous amount of source code from Microsoft.

1. While the source code to the Common Language Runtime (CLR) isn't available, the Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure (SSCLI) is almost as good for understanding much of the CLR's core. (note that SSCLI="Rotor")

2. With about a million lines of code, the SSCLI can be a great way to figure out the CLR, but be warned that diving into this deep pool may be overwhelming.

3. Built to compile and run on FreeBSD UNIX as well as Windows XP, the SSCLI suddenly becomes a very interesting starting point for a variety of possibilities.

O'Reilly will have a book in late 2002 that serves as a roadmap to this code: Shared Source CLI Essentials by David Stutz, Geoff Shilling, and Ted Neward.