Should Microsoft Throw in the Towel For Search?

by Preston Gralla

The March Nielsen//NetRatings are out, and the numbers for MSN Search are so dismal, Microsoft should consider giving it up. Google's share of the search market grew from 47 to 49 percent, while MSN Search dived from 14 to 11 percent. Yahoo finished at 22 percent, up about a point.


2006-04-26 08:08:23
so are you a fan of microsoft for office applications or OSes? They have a monopoly in both...
2006-04-26 14:11:10
Google's share
market grew
MSN Search dived from 14 to 11 percent

Microsoft didn't where it is today by listening to talk like that.
"Should Microsoft Throw in the Towel For Search?"
I hardly think so...

2006-04-28 13:46:48
Microsoft has competition. Of course they will fail. They have no experience in doing things better than other companies. Their expertise is in misusing monopolies. They are very good at that, but unfortunately for them, that strategy doesn't work here.

The only way Microsoft has ever taken over markets is by misusing its monopoly. Seems like more than a coincidence that it is difficult to use monopoly power or lock-in for internet search and Microsoft is going backwards. Don't be surprised if Google doesn't work with Vista...

If you're cheering for a company to keep Google from getting a monopoly, you better put your money on Yahoo.

2006-12-27 15:50:25
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