Should there be a movie industry?

by William Grosso

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So here's the thing that puzzles me: articles like the one above (or the similar, though far more biased, one available from
fortune magazine
) always seem to assume that there are two communities (Hollywood and Silicon Valley) and our goal ought to be to find a compromise that keeps both industries happy and thriving.

Why is that?

Do we need Hollywood? Do we need the music industry? We're talking about industries that grew up around one central idea: monopolizing the distribution channels. They're not about art, they're not about public service, they're not about anything except locking up "content" and then selling fifty cents worth of plastic-and-packaging for $16.00.

Nice work if you can get it.

But we ought to be doing our best to get rid of these industries, rather than accomodating them.

As an aside: I've become something very close to a single-issue voter. Diane Feinstein, my local senator, is on Disney's side. She is a co-sponsor of S. 2048 and that means I probably won't be voting for her in the next election.