Showing Udev who's boss

by Carla Schroder

Udev, the new dynamic device manager system for Linux, is solid under the hood but lacking a bit in user amenities. If you're rassling with udev to get your scanner working for non-privileged users, or need to nail down USB device names such as wireless network cards and storage devices, check out this fine two-part series I wrote my own self.

Manage Linux Hardware with udev

Manage Linux Hardware with udev (Part 2)


2007-09-14 09:38:42
Thanks for the great discussion (humanly readable) on udev! I've been looking for this. Since January 2006 I've been trying to understand udev which seems to have made subtle changes in syntax. I've written about it on our site as I came to understand and use it. I gave up on the zip drive which worked back with Ubuntu (Eft, was it?) but stopped working when Feisty got installed. I like the big usb drive better anyway--welcome to the new world. :-)

I love your humor as well. I've just discovered your Blog and am catching up on reading it. I have a feeling your book is one I need to look at.