ShowMeDo - A Video Tutorial Site

by Jeremy Jones

I've seen references to ShowMeDo in the past, but just haven't taken the time to check them out. I have been poking around there for a few days and really like what I see. From the main page of the site:

This site is dedicated to showing demonstrative videos produced by our community. For many subjects seeing something done is the most effective way to learn, whether it's peering over an expert's shoulder while they explain how to program or watching while someone grinds beans and makes coffee. Please watch, learn and perhaps share your knowledge back.

They have a smallish (but growing) number of tutorials available from debugging Python using the IPython shell to making the perfect cup of coffee. One of the really interesting features of the site is voting on a desired tutorial topic. Currently, there are requests for tutorials on TurboGears, Django, and IPython among other topics. Currently, the top voted request is for

I'd like to see Django worked-example videos for building e.g. a 'newspaper', wine-store, blog and other practical applications.

The tone of the tutorials that I've watched and the overall feel of the website is very community friendly. I think this site has tremendous potential for helping spread information to knowledge seekers on a potentially limitless range of topics. This could be a very interesting site to keep an eye on. Check it out and vote for a topic you're interested in.