Sick launcher

by Giles Turnbull

Quicksilver keeps crashing. There, it's out in the open now.

Every so often I hit Command+Space to launch something, and nothing happens; I look up at my menu bar and find the Quicksilver icon has disappeared. The app I can't live without just goes "foop" into thin air.

Every time this happens, I grumble and moan and have to use Spotlight to re-launch Quicksilver; and the simple act of invoking a Spotlight search makes me even grumpier.

It turns out I'm not the only one having this problem. A bunch of people have submitted crash reports to Quicksilver bugs forum, describing very similar circumstances.

Even with this minor inconvenience, I'm reluctant to stop using Quicksilver. But today, just out of curiosity, I downloaded Butler, which I haven't played with for years. I must confess to being quite impressed; it appears to do almost everything I use Quicksilver for. So far, with a few hours of testing, the speed of searching seems a little hit-and-miss; sometimes Butler finds what I want straight away - faster than Quicksilver. But on other occasions, Butler displays the Spinning Pizza of Doom after I've typed a few characters.

Nonetheless, Butler looks like a worthy competitor to Quicksilver; if anyone's done any more long-term tests of the two, I'd be interested to hear their opinions of them both.

And yeah, I know about LaunchBar.


2006-01-03 15:30:15
Quicksilver *might* not be crashing...
I used to have Quicksilver disappear regularly on me too, until I discovered I was occasionally hitting Command-Q after activating Quicksilver, meaning to close another app, but actually closing it instead. (The fact that I use the subtle Spotlight theme makes this more feasible, as well.)

Since I discovered this and took steps to be more careful, I haven't had Quicksilver disappear on me once. :)


2006-01-03 15:49:07
Quicksilver *might* not be crashing...
Quicksilver has an option called "Warn before quitting" (Under "preferences" -> "Applications") that can help prevent accidental quits.
2006-01-03 15:55:08
Quicksilver *might* not be crashing...
Yeah, and I've had it enabled, so I'm pretty sure that wasn't the source of the problem...
2006-01-03 22:48:01
Launchbar: not as "big" as Quicksilver, but not buggy
I use Launchbar to launch apps without the mouse. It's great, never crashes. It's also not "a framework for working with apps and data", so there's probably something Quicksilver does that LB doesn't.

"Namely" is a freeware app that's almost as neat as LB.

2006-01-04 00:57:13
Stop whingeing about beta products
Last time I checked, Quicksilver and Butler were both beta products. Come on get your wallet out and pay for Launchbar.
2006-01-04 04:51:28
Launchbar: not as "big" as Quicksilver, but not buggy
Thanks for this great tip! Namely is really super cool and made it immediately to my apps-folder!
2006-01-04 07:39:43
LaunchBar is worth 10 times its registration price. Using a Mac without LaunchBar is like using Windows instead of the Mac OS. It's that good.