Side By Side: G5 and Intel

by Tom Bridge

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What happens when you put two 20" iMacs next to each other, one Intel, one G5, and synchronize a boot cycle?

The answer is, the Intel box wins....

Of course, this is viral video, so take it with a nice big grain of salt, the stats of each machine are unknown.

What do you think?


2006-01-17 13:18:55
G5 iMac speed
I don't know whats going on with that machine in the video, but I have a G5 iMac (w/ iSight) and it boots in about half the time of the G5 iMac boots in that video.
2006-01-17 13:41:09
G5 iMac speed
I second thatómy aging 12" 867 mhz PowerBook doesn't take that long to boot Ö!
2006-01-17 17:39:26
Is the G5 asleep?
I don't own an iMac G5, but I noticed that the sleep light (bottom right hand corner of the front) is on. Could the machine be asleep? I don't recall hearing the boot chime either, though that could've been because it was muted.
2006-01-17 18:57:05
I find it odd that their arms didn't appear to be close to the power button, which leads me to believe that they were booted by a switch on a power strip or something. I'd also guess the very slow boot time on the G5 Mac was because it was turned off with that switch rather than with the "shutdown" command and the long time for the grey screen was the FSCK running to check the hard drive.
2006-01-18 07:32:29
well not a great post
the comments are correct there IS something wrong with the one in the video.
check this out:
this may also be of interest:
despite the typical mac-freak cheery attitude toward apple, the benchmarks are dissapointing considering Jobs' presentation. Although that is expected.
The post here at Oreilly would be better if the posters were more critical and helpful instead of "just loving" the next Mac product. No need to be salesmen, Steve Jobs dishes out enough bull for the industry.
2006-01-18 07:38:05
sorry for the first link you have to go to another to see the update, to go directly there, here is the link
2006-01-28 18:07:32
On the G5 and the previous PowerPC chips, the chime was a part of a POST test that had to verify RAM and MLB, always before you saw any video come on. The fact that the intel Mac chimes almost instantly (sometimes after video comes on) makes me think some steps to POST are being either truncated or skipped over.

Similarly noticeable is the start up manager. So is the big performance difference in the processor or the Open Firmware?