SightSpeed To Support VoIP/PSTN Calling

by Bruce Stewart

SightSpeed will release a beta version of its popular video conferencing software this week that will include support for true VoIP and PSTN calling. The SightSpeed 5.0 beta release is expected to be available this Wednesday, 5/24, and with the addition of a series of new telephony features SightSpeed can now offer users an all-in-one video and voice calling experience. The new version also includes a new selectable video codec for improved clarity and resolution. The official 5.0 release is planned to be finalized in July. From the press release:

SightSpeed 5.0's new telephony features will include full PSTN In and Out calling features, as well as toll free 800 number support. This augments SightSpeed's core communications services and delivers the most innovative video-centric community, content and commerce features available today.

SightSpeed 5.0 will also include a new and selectable PC To PC voice only calling mode (that works for both PCs and Macs), an enhanced Contact List Viewing feature that offers multiple display modes of show only Online Users, Online plus Offline Users, Online plus Offline plus Offnet users, all the above plus PSTN numbers.

Andy Abramson (who is involved in promoting SightSpeed) told me why he is especially enthused about this upgrade, "As much as I'm excited about the addition of real VoIP/PSTN calling, I'm also hot on the new "voice only" on net calling mode, the configurable contact list feature and the enhanced codecs for video that takes the best in class and makes it even better..." I was impressed with the previous version of SightSpeed that I demo'd, so I'm really looking forward to trying out the latest improved version of the service. I'll report back here on my findings.