Silverlight Dynamic Languages: SDK Support for IronPython and IronRuby

by Todd Ogasawara

I wanted to learn more about using Microsoft Silverlight with IronRuby. So, I turned to Jimmy Schementi's blog jimmy.thinking. Why Jimmy's blog? Because he is a Program Manager for Dynamic Language Runtime. If anyone knows something about this stuff, it is Jimmy. One of the things I learned from his blog (and there's a lot to learn there) is that the Microsoft site now has an area for...

Microsoft Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK

You can download the Silverlight SDK to develop Silverlight applications using IronPython or IronRuby. You'll also find samples, documentation, and video talks/demonstrations here. The link to the Getting Started with Silverlight MSDN area seems slightly broken. Try this MSDN Silverlight link instead. And, be sure to check out the Breaking Changes in Silverlight 2 MSDN page too.