Silverlight on Linux? Already?!

by M. David Peterson

Apparently so. Just got a ping from Sylvain regarding the following,

Implementing Silverlight in 21 Days - Miguel de Icaza

The past 21 days have been some of the most intense hacking days that I have ever had and the same goes for my team that worked 12 to 16 hours per day every single day --including weekends-- to implement Silverlight for Linux in record time. We call this effort Moonlight.

Needless to say, we believe that Silverlight is a fantastic development platform, and its .NET-based version is incredibly interesting and as Linux/Unix users we wanted to both get access to content produced with it and to use Linux as our developer platform for Silverlight-powered web sites.

*WOW*!!! So much for "an implementation by years end" as was originally the suggested amount of time it would take to implement support. There's TONS more info at the above linked entry.

Congratulations, Mono Team! GREAT WORK!!!

Update: For all you Debian lovers out there, via a recent post to the Mono Olive DevList, Seo Sanghyeon provides the following intro,

This is a short howto. I'm interested in your experience. The
instruction at is actually
enough. But this howto provides some Debian package names and
workarounds to problems you may encounter.

More goodness at the above linked entry. Thanks, Seo!