Simple Workaround for Address Book SMS with New Sony Ericsson Phones

by Derrick Story

SE W810i

In my Sony Ericsson W810i Impressions post, I gave the phone very high marks except that I couldn't send SMS messages from Address Book as I was accustomed to with my T637. Reader Jools has just chimed in with a link to where you can find a simple workaround that takes just minutes to implement. All you have to do is add your phone name to the ABDeviceModelStrings list using the Property List Editor. I did it, and now I can text away via Address Book on my Mac. Thanks for the pointer Jools.

There are many other interesting comments on the W810i post, especially if this is a phone you're considering. It's been my communications companion during recent road trips, and I wouldn't part with it for anything.

When I went to work in Iceland for the Adobe Lightroom Adventure, I stopped in Duty Free at the Reykjavik airport and bought a $25 SIM card. I had great phone coverage during my entire visit in Iceland, and a local number to boot.

The FM radio and MP3 player are proving very handy during workouts and while waiting for people and buses -- or whenever I have time on my hands and want to listen to music or a podcast. BTW: the W810i has quite decent speakers so you don't have to attach headphones to listen to podcasts. The Edge network here in the States provides rapid access to the Internet, and in my case, speedy checking of Gmail on the phone. And as I stated earlier, the 2 megapixel camera and video capture are the best I've used on this type of device. I'm sending the images directly to my Canon i80 printer via Bluetooth and getting crisp 4"x6" prints.

The other big plus is the removable memory card from a easy-to-access slot on the side of the phone. I pull it out, put it in my card reader, add podcasts, download pictures, and am back in business in minutes.

Finally, the sound quality of the phone itself is quite good. Conversations from all over the world sound crisp and clear. I guess you could say these are my follow up impressions...


Bruno L
2006-08-21 12:22:43
No offence, but I posted in the comments for both previous blog entries regarding your new phone (when you were looking for one, and where you had gotten your SE), with a link to macosxhints providing the exact same work around to add full AB support...

Anyway, glad you managed after all and youre enjoying the SE phone. In my opinion they're the best value these days..

Vivek Dabke
2006-08-21 20:28:25
Checkout this free service It let's you send sms to groups for free... You can create organizations, groups and schedule SMS either onetime or recurring

2006-08-22 02:03:15
Does the MP3-Player also play AAC-Songs? I ripped all my CDs in iTunes to AAC.
2006-08-29 17:16:29
Did this the other day on my Macbook Pro running 10.4.7 but still no SMS available from within Address Book. I have the W810i and entered the String W810 as the New Sibling in my ABDeviceModelStrings... anyone else had a problem with this working using the W810i and 10.4.7?
2006-09-01 09:45:42
I got a little frustrated about this SMS / Address Book issue too. I just paid $350+ for a great phone that lacked a great feature. Anyway... I did some snooping. The reason the phone does not work with Addressbook is NOT because there is no support. The model number of the W810 is simply missing from the list of supported phones in one of Address Book's libraries. Thats it! Not drivers, not firmware, not anything else. Address Book simply wasnt told to play nice with this model.

There is a simple workaround with some very very mild hacking involed. Not counting the 50mb download from apples site to get the utility that lets you edit the files, the whole process took about 10 minutes.

2007-03-12 13:55:22
Um this now only links you to a pay site... TOTAL CRAP LINK. anywho its possible to do this yourself without paying or giving your info out to some random website.
2007-04-07 09:26:57
kazik daj znac czy dostales
2007-05-18 00:20:04
So far it seems that the guy hawking the "solution" that is reportedly a very, very, very easy fix has completely inundated the search engines. If anyone has the actual syntax and information handy I'd sincerely appreciate it. And as a note to the original poster of both the column and the for sale solution, you might want to rethink your concept of solution.
2007-07-01 15:25:52
For the Sony Ericsson W810:

Quit Address Book. Right-click on the Address Book application and Show Package Contents. Open Contents, then Resources. Right-click on Telephony.bundle and Show Package Contents. Open Contents, then Resources inside that one as well.

Find "ABDeviceCommandSets.plist" and open it in a raw text editor. BBEdit worked for me. Scroll down to line 50, and copy the line which reads "Z600" without the quotes. I also saw strings for the T610 and T630 above this. Paste the Z600 line into the file and change "Z600" to "W810" -- again without the quotes. The lines should look similar to this..


Save and close. Done. My SE W810i can now be dialed from Address Book and I can send SMS messages without having to thumb-type as well. Of course, if you don't use Property List Editor or BBEdit, I can't say what might happen. If you don't have either, you could try BareBones's TextWrangler, which is free.

2007-07-01 15:28:05
Oops, the comment mechanism mistook my XML angle-brackets for HTML. My bad. But you'll see what I mean when you open that file.
2007-07-22 07:47:15
This worked for me with my W810i. I simply used TextEdit. Very easy - thanks.