Sketching out a strategy

by Giles Turnbull

Just in case you were thinking that perhaps Google ought to stop spending so much money, it has purchased @Last Software, makers of everyone's favorite 3D design application, SketchUp.

It seems a little odd, coming only a few days after the purchase of Writely, which itself made a lot of sense as part of Google's unannounced-but-everyone-thinks-they-know-about-it plan for a browser-based productivity suite to compete directly with MS Office.

Odd because SketchUp is not the kind of app you could remodel to work in a browser. So if it's not a part of the Google Office suite, why else is Google so keen to own it?


2006-03-14 16:07:16
Maybe they will buy O'reilly, and then I can get my news in 3D.
2006-03-14 16:13:53
@ Dan: Now there's an idea. Sergey? Larry? You listening?
2006-03-14 16:39:54
It's not so much about 3D design, its about making Google Earth useful for all of us GIS and engineering types who have a major investment in ArcGIS, but recognize that Google Earth is a great way to present our data to the masses (and our clients without ArcGIS). Sketchup's plugins for ArcGIS and Google Earth serve as a great platform for doing this. The products are easy to use, and they coexist with our CAD, GIS, and now, Google Earth quite nicely.
2006-03-15 05:35:19
What about giving SketchUp for free so that end-users ( us!) can populate Google earth with the 3D buildings we've made?