Skype Karaoke Bot

by Edd Dumbill

Playing with Skype conferences today, I hit an on idea for the killer Skype app -- a Karaoke bot!

The conference facility in Skype is pretty amazing. It showed its power especially when we dialed in a friend over his cellphone using the Skype Out service.

It occurred to me that it would be awesome to make a bot that you could invite to a conference. It would play backing tracks and IM everybody in the conference with synchronized lyrics. Voila -- Skype party karaoke!

I'm not sure how easy it is to write bots for Skype yet, but the emergence of a D-BUS API for it sounds very promising.

As a paid-for service, I reckon this could even be quite a money spinner for certain demographics. Enough to pay the RIAA their dues, anyway :)

Any more crazy Skype ideas? Post them here.


2005-01-12 09:39:36
Interview request for a Skype user
Hi -

I've got a random request...

My name is Vivian and I work for FBC Media, a tv production company in London. We're doing an interview with Skype on friday for our show 'World Business' that airs on CNBC Europe, PBS and other stations. I need to find a Skype user that is willing to do a very short interview with us this coming Friday the 14th in London, in order to get some independent perspective on the usability of the software.

Since I saw your name associated with Skype weblogs, would you have any possible lead on a person I could find for this interview?

Thank you for anything you can do,

Ph: + 44 20 7038 0966