SLAM: Microsoft's Attempt at Social Mobile Software

by Daniel Raffel

Microsoft research launched SLAM which stands for "Social Location Annotation Mobile."

A prototype social software for communicating and sharing with groups of friends and family, primarily on mobile devices. SLAM enables real-time communication, location awareness and photo-sharing.

Requirements include having a Windows Mobile device (and friends who have such devices.) :(

Scenarios for Slam

Real-time Coordination: Out on a Friday night? No need to decide on a place and time to meet in advance, just send a message to your friends when you're ready to go and see where everybody is. Some people may be at a restaurant, others on the move, but everybody can send messages and coordinate immediately. Imagine coordinating a ski trip this way, too.

Instant Group Photo Sharing: You are always seeing beautiful and interesting things, but it's too hard to send pictures to people with your cameraphone. Use Slam to take a picture and send it to a group of friends with only a few clicks. Try forming a "celebrity sightings" cameraphone group or share pictures with your family throughout your day.

Broadcast communication: Need a babysitter? Send a message to your "babysitters" group saying "Can someone come over for a few hours right now?" All your potential sitters get the message right when you send it, wherever they are.


2007-03-24 16:39:04
SLAM does NOT need you to have a Windows Mobile Device. It can work off of regular SMS (Text Messages) too!! Its cool, and fun!!