Slideshow to the Rescue

by Michael Clark

A few weeks ago, I was asked to produce a slideshow for our New Mexico chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). The slideshow would run continuously at the Photo Arts Santa Fe tradeshow in the ASMP-NM booth on a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display loaned to us by Apple (thank you Apple). It was decided that images would be displayed in a random fashion with each photographer's name displayed below the image.

As we are all volunteers on the ASMP board I didn't want to spend days working up the slideshow. I chose the easiest method I knew of to produce the slideshow and that method was using Lightroom. We ended up showing 200+ images from our members for three days continuously.

Image by Sara Stathas (

To solve the problem of putting each photographers name below their image I turned to the metadata and had each photographer place their name in the "creator" line in the metadata. Each photographer submitted up to 7 images. After importing the images into Lightroom on my Apple G5 tower it took me literally five minutes to select the creator metadata tag in the right panel of the Slideshow module (as in the image above) and then position the photographers name plate as I wanted. Bing. Bang. Boom. Finished.

I was kind of amazed how easy it was to pump out a complex random slideshow in Lightroom. The last step in the process was to get all of the images off my G5 tower and move them over to Lightroom on my laptop - which would be used to run the slideshow. A quick export of the slideshow as a catalog with the pertinent images, copy that to my laptop and import the new catalog and presto - now I was truly finished.

The slideshow turned out to be a huge hit. We had large crowds standing around the monitor pretty much the entire three days of the trade show. My MacBook pro got quite hot running the slideshow continuously for 8 hours each day but Lightroom never crashed and the slideshow never faltered. Once again Lightroom shows itself to be a great problem solver.

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That's it for this session. See you next week....

Adios, Michael Clark