Snappy (The JavaTM Drinking Dragon) Drinks .NET Kool-Aid; Says Life Now Feels More Complete

by M. David Peterson

So I'm not sure if I should claim the title as my *BEST TITLE EVER* or one of life's most embarrassing moments.

Guess time will tell, ;-) and in the mean time: Having a few spare cycles now that CMJ is over and the death march to the Nov. 1st private beta release is at worst a brisk walk/jog in the park as far as feature completion is concerned (the Jan. 1st, 2008 @ 12:00:01 public release is a different matter all together, but even that isn't going to be anything like that last 8 months have been), I took a few moments to catch up on my most favorite product and company of all time,

Saxon and Saxonica

In the below linked post to the Saxon-Help mailing list you will find a link to the resources file that contains the following overview of the new Java API called "snappy" which, as Dr. Kay points out, "... is closely modelled on the successful .NET API."

*SWEET*! Well, sweet from the perspective that my brothers and sisters in software development in which use Java as their primary development environment can now understand just how good we .NET developers have had it over the last 20 or so months since Dr. Kay first introduced the Saxon on .NET product. To each of you, I can assure you of one thing,

Snappy's gunna' *ROCK YOUR WORLD*!

Thanks, Dr. Kay!

Details follow.


2007-10-28 18:27:38
M. David:
I love the title :)
But then again, you ALWAYS come up with quirky titles.
As a .Net XML developer, I am _very_ excitd about this!
M. David Peterson
2007-10-29 13:27:10

>> I love the title :)


>> But then again, you ALWAYS come up with quirky titles.

Some call it a talent. Others call it annoying. Me? I call it me :D

Thanks for the smile, Ric!