snippetsEmu 0.5.5 Released

by Jeremy Jones

snippetsEmu is perhaps the coolest vim plugin I've ever used. In the words on its vim page, snippetsEmu is "[a]n attempt to emulate TextMate's snippet expansion". I first stumbled across snippetsEmu by reading the "using vim with Django" page. In addition to using all of the snippets on the "using vim with Django" page, I've created a number of my own, such as generic class, method, and function declaration snippets, and some Django-specific model and template snippets. It's already an incredible plugin, is getting better all the time, and appears to have some plans for the future. I highly recommend looking into this if you're a vim user.


2006-08-15 09:24:16
May be it is not related with your comments but I can't avoid to express a disquite.
I love Vim but also, for money reasons, I live together with Microsoft text editors and word processors. I have some problems, for example when I write documents using MS-Word or a program using VS-2005, I unintentionally press "i" before inserting text or "ESC" key when I finish to write or, at least, feel the temptation to delete the lines using dd, or going to end of document using G, etc. I suffer of STED "syndrome of text editor dyslexia" and I do not know if laugh or cry.