So you think you're an Apple expert?

by Giles Turnbull

How much do you know about Apple? The BBC is running a fun little quiz about all things Apple and Mac and Jobs, to celebrate tomorrow's 30th anniversary of Apple's founding; go have a play and see how well you can do.

I got 8/10: "You live and breathe Apple, eagerly waiting for the latest shiny gadget to come out of California," which isn't exactly the case but, given my profession, is not very surprising.

Meanwhile, Apple itself is spending another day in court in London, defending itself against litigation brought by Apple Corps, The Beatles' record label. Yesterday, Apple's lawyer Anthony Grabiner QC told the court: "Data transmission is within our field of use, that's what the 1991 deal says and it is inescapable."


Kyle Johnson
2006-03-31 06:20:11
7/10. Not too bad.
2006-03-31 07:10:23
9/10 hmmm, not sure if that's good or bad. . .
2006-03-31 07:38:01
10/10, and I'm pretty sure that's bad.
2006-03-31 08:17:21
8/10: I guessed on the two I didn't know, but should have went with my first gut feeling on Steve's salary - would have gotten 9/10. And, yes, this is definitely bad. :-)
2006-03-31 09:48:41
9/10 here. but try a more interesting (and harder) quiz here on eweek, along with some interesting bonus trivia I hadn't seen before:,1895,1944646,00.asp
got 7 on this one
Hans Wolters
2006-03-31 11:19:52
It's fun to see that certain think there is only Mac and/or Windows:

"You have dabbled in the world of iPods but still rely on your Windows PC"

I banned Windows some 5 years ago, and no, I do not own an iPod

2006-04-01 13:48:57
Question eight is kind of bogus. I wouldn't call 1991 "recent." 8/10 though, not bad. Although, I would in no way consider myself a Mac expert. My first Mac was a TiBook with OSX 10.2! I'm way too new to be an expert.