Social, Metered, No-Cost Ad Exchange: LinkLike

by Sid Steward

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Some people enjoy whitewater rafting, hang gliding or gambling. I enjoy creating web applications. After I create them, however, I'm not sure how to promote them. Talking with friends who also blog and develop, I hatched this idea: a networking web site for folks who run web sites. Why? So they could exchange ads. Exchanging ads boosts the flow of unique visitors to both sites. LinkLike's metered ad exchange makes sure this works for all parties.

Eyeball Economy

Eyeballs are a fundamental online currency which can be changed into cash pretty easily using AdSense or some such. So, many web sites try to maximize the number of eyeballs coming in and minimize the number of eyeballs going out (save via paid ads). 'Want an ad on my site? Pay up.' This is natural.

Metered Ad Exchange

What if I offered to pay for my ad on your site in eyeballs? That is the idea behind LinkLike's metered ad exchange. I display your ad, you display my ad, and the LinkLike server makes sure the eyeball flow (click flow) is constant between our sites. If my ad starts soaking up too many eyeballs, then LinkLike simply stops showing my ad until yours catches up.

More Unique Visitors

This one-to-one eyeball flow might seem like a silly exercise since it doesn't boost paid ad revenue. However, it will boost the number of unique visitors to your site. Some of them will come back, some will tell friends, some will subscribe. As your readership grows, your ad revenue will follow.


Please visit LinkLike and give it a try. It still has some kinks, I'm sure. Please contact me if you find any. LinkLike is a free service.

[This is a test ad -- it may be empty (eyeball imbalance)]

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