SOFOSS Episode Scheduled For Air In A Week: Mark Shuttleworth/Ubuntu

by Noah Gift

Just an FYI, the video podcast series, "Spotlight on FOSS" is scheduled to air in exactly one week from today from what I hear. We have a background article in which we explain some of the "fun" of arranging an interview over the internet and talk a bit about Python use at Canonical as well. The shortened show we produced is about 7 minutes, but at some point we may release a longer 20 minute version. This video would have been released much sooner, but Jeremy Jones and I have been pretty busy with getting our book on, "Python for Unix and Linux Systems Administration" done by April 18th, and it took a bit to get everything through the proper channels etc.

Our guest is Mark Shuttleworth, yes, that Mark Shuttleworth, and it is a powerful interview. We also cover Ubuntu with a quick screencast of some of the highlights of the OS.