Solar Flare

by Robert Cooper

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(via TSS):

TechTarget reports:
Sun Microsystems Inc. yesterday kicked open its software doors, making its Java Enterprise System (JES) middleware suite, N1 management product and developer's tools freely available. It also plans to combine them with its free, open source Solaris operating system to form what it will call the Sun Enterprise System.


JES includes six software suites -- high availability, identity management, Web infrastructure, application platform, messaging and integration. Loiacono said the identity management and integration suites would be first in line to build out open source communities.

Sun only jumped into the integration business this summer with the acquisition of enterprise application integration (EAI) vendor SeeBeyond Inc., but Loiacono underscored how critical it has become in the software industry.

"The game now is in integration," he said.

The development tools include Sun Studio 11, Sun Java Studio Creator and Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8, offering drag-and-drop development tools and pattern-based development.


"Every major player in software now has to have an open source strategy to match Sun," [[Marc Fleury]] said. "Sun just detonated a nuclear bomb in the [revenue stream] of IBM and the other traditional vendors by open sourcing SeeBeyond."

This is a HUGE deal. (For maybe the first time ever) I agree 100% with Fleury. Not just as a NetBeans user, but as a developer, the first thing I jumped to was not even the N1 and SeeBeyond stuff. It was the fact that there is now an open source, high quality UML tool with round trip engineering. That is huge.

This is going to be a seriously big deal.