Solving Some Of Scoble's Problems With XSLT

by M. David Peterson

I had noticed Dan Sickles reference/link to LINQ in his follow-up post earlier today (e4(x)linq), but assumed it linked back to the LINQ entry page on MSDN, and didn't click it. However, I needed to reference the e4x specification for some related work, and given I still had his post open in a tab it was easier to just switch to the tab than it was to search for "E4X" (didn't have it bookmarked -- now I do :).

However, in hovering over the general area (the links are separated by "(x)") I noticed that "linq" was linked to a URI other than its above linked MSDN home. Out of curiosity I clicked through and found an interesting post from Steve Eichert that apparently solved *ALL* of Scoble's problems. Curious, I quickly parsed through looking for a Green M&M sorting algorithm of some sort, but unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be one.

Not-to-fret, however, as what seems to be in place of the missing algorithm is something even better: Something that the remaining 6,642,658,382 (based on the result of the formula (((World Population on August 23rd, 2006 @ 11:00PM EDT) - 100)) can use to our advantage... A URI Filter!

Okay, so maybe not all 6,642,658,382 of us... But close!

Setting this potential time wasting point-of-argument aside,