Some software I'd like to see

by Giles Turnbull

  • Topwriter: hidden app that keeps the text you're writing in the top half on your screen, autoscrolling any document you're editing.

  • Finger Doodle: lets you doodle on screen by idly tapping and twiddling your fingers on the trackpad.

  • FileStickies: just like, but with sticky notes you can attach to files or folders by just dragging them into place. When browsing in the Finder or by any other means (Quicksilver), a simply keycombo would make the FileStickies connected to any selected file(s) reappear, ready for editing or moving.

  • Swatch Suggest: a one-button app. Click the button, and it presents you with a color swatch suggestion. Click again for another. Repeat until happy. (The app would update itself automatically with new swatches over the infonets.)

  • Screen Use Monitor: leave it running for a few days, then take a look at the report it generates. The app would show you with diagrams and animated screenshots how you use your computer's display; where you tend to be working most, and which bits of the display tend to get neglected.

  • And finally, A simple email program that handles IMAP accounts with the grace and simplicity of Finder Mail, which I fell in love with back in my OS 9 days.

What software would you like to see?


Matthew Doar
2005-10-19 10:48:48
>Topwriter: hidden app that keeps the text you're >writing in the top half on your screen, >autoscrolling any document you're editing.

Do you mean a split-screen editor, with multiple windows into the same document, e.g. emacs.


2005-10-19 11:15:18
No. I use split-screen in BBEdit all the time, but that's not what I have in mind here. This would keep the words being worked on in the middle of the screen no matter what app you were working in, irrespective of whether it has split-screen functionality.

Well, I can dream.

2005-10-21 09:49:23
Re: Some software I'd like to see

Ah yes. I loved Finder Mail, using it as far back as 1998 with my first iMac.

You know what was so great about it for me? Keeping the entire message store in plain text, just like my Unix mailshells.

Now with the abomination of Outlook, that simple utility is gone forever.


2005-11-04 09:38:24
"Topwriter" in TextWrangler? Almost...
This is close to what you and I both want:

Preferences>Editing: General>Extra Space in Text Views

From the TextWrangler User Manual:
"Extra Space in Text Views To have TextWrangler leave extra empty space when you scroll to the end of a text view, choose Half Window or Full Window here."

It is almost what is needed but doesn't force the window to update/autoscoll for you and keep the insertion point in the vertical middle of the page with a ton of white space below.

I've always wanted this feature when writing on my Powerbook as I hate having to write with the new text at the very bottom just above the bezel.