Some Zope products vs. MySQL 4.1 and Python 2.4

by Todd Ogasawara

1. I finally got around to upgrading from Python 2.3.x to 2.4. I wondered if Zope might break but it didn't. However, I found that COREBlog 1.0 (a Zope blogging product) didn't like that little move. The good news is that COREBlog's author was way ahead of me and released COREBlog 1.1 on January 31 that seems to take care of the issue nicely
(I think it has to do with the rotor module that was removed in Python 2.4 (see
What's New in Python 2.4).

2. I upgraded from MySQL 4.0.x to 4.1.x a while back. However, I've been using it with PHP since then and only tried it with Zope this evening.
It looks like the combination of upgrading MySQL and Python caused a bit of an issue the MySQL-Python module used by the Zope ZMySQLDA product that lets Zope work with MySQL
(possibly due to changes in mysql_shutdown() and other MySQL functions that changed between MySQL 4.0 and 4.1).
Fortunately again (for me), a test release of MySQL-Python 1.1.10
was also released on January 31.
Note that this is labeled as a test release and probably shouldn't be used in a production environment.

Any other Zope product upgrade hints?


2005-02-07 11:31:23
MySQL-python-1.2.0 out tomorrow
1.1.10 will be re-released late tonight as 1.2.0 with very minor updates. It has much better support for Python-2.3 and newer (mostly tested on Python-2.4) and MySQL-4.1. 1.0.1 can be easily patched to fix the mysql_shutdown() API change, but it is only recommended for really old versions of Python (older than 2.2). 1.1.10 (and 1.2.0) has bug fixes that 1.0.1 does not.

Expect to see a ZMySQLDA release in the next week or two, but only minor updates to 2.0.9b2.