Son of a Nut Cracker

by Steve Goulet

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It was Christmas Eve, and I was tracking Santa Clause with my six year old son on Google Earth. Santa's sleigh bounced between small European towns as midnight approached.

"Santa is coming", his tired and grouchy dad said.
"You should think about getting to bed".

The boy was not tired, the boy would not budge.

"But he's still in the Ukraine", he said with a grudge.

Instead of threatening and yelling and such, Santa thought of a jollier touch.

He made that young boy feel like a giant, by contacting him through a messaging client:

"Merry Christmas, it's Santa", the screen did say.

"I'm talking to you on the computer today".

The boy at his desktop was excited that night.

Santa's message had caused him delight.

"Go to bed right now", Santa said in good cheer.

"Your parents are tired and Christmas is here."

Off to bed the boy went, not stopping to wander,

as Santa sat clicking the mouse over yonder.

Santa IM'ed my 6 year old son and he turned out not to be a pedophile!