Sonic Sessions at JavaOne 2005

by David A. Chappell

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This year Sonic Software is presenting 4 sessions at JavaOne, and is also participating in 3 interoperability demos –

BOF-9237—Inside Apache Axis 2: a Next-Generation Web Services Toolkit
Speaker: Glen Daniels, Sonic Software
Monday 06/27/05 at 9:30PM - Location - Moscone Center, Hall E, #133

Sonic Standards Strategist Glen Daniels will lead a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) session on the topic of Apache Axis 2. Apache Axis 2 represents the next generation architecture for Web Services and SOAP processing for the ever-popular Apach Axis open source project. Glen has been one of the lead architects of Axis since its inception, and would love to share his insight and get your feedback. So come on down and join in the discussion.

TS-1428 Enterprise Service Bus and Java™ Business Integration: Infrastructure for Enterprise SOA
Tuesday 06/28/05 11:00 AM 60 minutes Hall E 134 Seating capacity - 950

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) represents the opportunity to achieve broad-scale interoperability, while providing the flexibility required to continually adapt technology to business requirements.

ESBs provide organizations developing their SOA strategy with a common platform to answer these requirements and enable best practices through the use of a common toolset. What the application server did for web application development, ESBs are doing for SOAs.

This session looks at how enterprise service buses are enabling the shift to SOA and examines the various Java and web services technologies at the heart of ESBs. It also takes a look at emerging standards efforts within the Java Community Process℠ program, such as the Java Business Integration specification, JSR 208, aimed at creating a loosely coupled integration model for distributed services.

TS- 3554 - Mind the Gap: Using an ESB for Interoperability Between Java™ Technology, .NET and “Other” in an SOA
Wednesday 06/29/05 12:15 PM Duration - 60 Location - Yerba Buena Seating Capacity - 750
In this session, I’ll be showing a live demonstration of applications based on Java technology and .NET communicating through an ESB using technologies such as Java Message Service (JMS), Native C# runtime interfaces, and Web Services.
The live demo which will include the use of an ESB to provide fault tolerance and failover of services written in both Java and .NET! The hot failover will include not only the services themselves, but the underlying ESB messaging layer as well. Come see the benefits of an ESB in action as we change a service configuration and modify a running business process definition while its up and running on the big screen, without taking anything down or experiencing any disruption in service. I’ll then pull the plug on the machine that’s hosting some of the services and part of the distributed fault tolerant ESB infrastructure and it will fail over to the other machine in a matter of seconds without losing a single service invocation or a single bit of transactional integrity. You won’t believe your eyes! :)

JBI Panel Discussion –
Panel Discussion: TS-5238 Java™ Business Integration (JSR 208): Enabling Standards-Based Integration Core Enterprise

Thursday 06/30/2005 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
JSR-208 (Java™ Business Integration or JBI) will be finalized in time for the JavaOneSM conference. We expect a great deal of activity around the JSR, its implementation by Sun and other vendors and the way in which this technology is positioned centrally to the SOA picture for Java technology.
This panel helps evangelize and position JBI by clarifying value to different audiences such as, component developers, system integrators, and ISVs.
The panel brings Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™ platform) Application Server and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) vendors, customers, and SIs together to talk about their vision for JBI.
In this panel discussion I’ll be teaming up with Mark Hapner of Sun, Sanjay Patil from SAP, and others to discuss the merits of JBI and what it will provide to the Java community to enable an ecosystem of pluggable vendor interoperability for building SOAs to enable integration.

JBI Interoperability Demos -

Java Business Integration (JBI) – Sun Pavilion
Sonic will participate in a JBI technology demonstration during JavaOne. Sun will host a multi-vendor JBI interoperability demo in the Sun pavilion on the show floor. Sonic will provide a credit check service based on the JBI Service Engine API.

JBI-ESB Interoperability demo – within Sonic booth #1600
Sonic will demonstrate JBI interoperability with the Sonic enterprise service bus in the Sonic booth #1600. The demonstration will show how the credit check service component can be deployed within an ESB across a distributed enterprise.

Come on over to the Moscone and check out these informative sessions.