Sonopia Reinvents the MVNO

by Bruce Stewart

111-etel.jpgThere's been quite a buzz around Sonopia recently, including some interesting observations from ETel conference chair Surj Patel and ETel blogger Imran Ali. Sonopia's attempting to fundamentally shift the value proposition in the mobile phone market from the carriers to an affinity model where all parties involved share revenue, and have built a platform that allows for user generated content and community building amongst these affinity groups. Aaron Huslage recently spoke to Sonopia founder and CEO Juha Christensen to find out more about this interesting new service. Check out Aaron's latest ETel article, Sonopia Reinvents the MVNO for an introduction to Sonopia, and stay tuned to ETel for an upcoming in-depth review of the service.


Nick Lee
2007-04-05 21:15:18
Can't wait for the indepth review :-)
2007-12-13 03:10:44
sonopia rocks! still have not very modern phones (