Sonopia-tic Reflex

by Imran Ali

My mind's reeling with ideas after reading Surj's impressions of Sonopia, a company that's planning to help users create MVNOs for their niche communities. Imagine...

  • Launching a counter-carrier - mobile plans targeted at the employees of existing carriers. Tie them into expensive 24-month contracts then provide crummy service...could you get Verizon to eat itself?

  • A massively distributed call centre, where Mechanical Turk finds you an agent and you split the call revenue!

  • - a carrier that promises to treat you like crap, lock down your handsets and assign you a random number every nine days.

  • Customer service populated by fictional TV characters - Jack Bauer: 'Tell me where my daughter is and I'll upgrade your phone!'

Seriously, Sonopia represents a potential step-change in mobile telephony, rather than seeing services bundled with telephony, we may start to see connected products and services bundled with branded-telephony, like the Nintendo DS' bundled wifi plans. I'm really looking forward to Aaron's more detailed analysis of Sonopia's plans tomorrow.


Come to think of it, customer service agents playing fictional characters is actually a really fun might actually encourage people to call in and see who they get!