Sony Mylo to Come With Skype

by Bruce Stewart

mylo.jpgIt's been a long time since Sony had a hit with a new product, but the soon-to-be-released Mylo personal communicator looks to me like it could be a homerun. The sleek new device is smaller than a PSP with a 2.4 inch LCD screen and comes with 1 GB of flash memory, a slide out keyboard, and is wi-fi compatible. Short for "My life online", the Mylo will ship with Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger pre-installed, as well as a web browser and the JiWire's hotspot directory. As Michael Arrington says, "This could be the wifi device for Skype that we've all been waiting for." At least those of us with $350 to spend on a new gadget. While the Mylo doesn't appear to have a built-in cell-phone, it does have both a speaker and microphone as well as a headset jack to use with Skype voice calling. And of course it plays music and displays photos and videos too.


Roger Weeks
2006-08-08 11:40:45
802.11b only? Way to go, Sony.
And $350? When it reaches $99 let me know.
Bruce Stewart
2006-08-08 13:34:12
I missed that tidbit, I didn't think anyone was building new devices with 802.11b only anymore! I have to agree with you that's a disappointment.
2006-09-08 03:48:04
I think Mylo will never succeed. It's an incomplete device. I know it can be considered a dream, but a mixture among PSP, Mylo and iPod would have been much better.
Jason Rutland
2006-09-25 05:31:05
To be Reviewed
2006-09-30 16:27:55
Why isn,t this product in circuit city or radio shack. It,s not in best buy or fye. I can,t buy one anywhere. Why isn,t it selling in all electronic shops. I dont have a compusa or a sonystyles in my area .My only choice is to get one through the mail.