Sony Playstation Portable 2.0 firmware finally available!

by Todd Ogasawara

The Sony Playstation Portable 2.0 firmware upgrade was supposed to be available on Aug. 12. Then, it slipped to the 15th. It took a while (Aug. 23), but from my quick look, the wait was worth it.
The firmware upgrade information page lists all the new features (see link below).
The main one, for me, was the addition of an official web browser.
The browser works better than I expected from a user-input point of view.
And, the analog joystick, makes navigation on a page reasonably easy.
There's already a couple of sites with page formats specifically designed for the PSP.
If Sony produces a USB keyboard and desk stand (to prop it up), we may finally have the web tablet for the home that has talked about for so long.

Did you upgrade your Sony PSP to 2.0 yet? Built a web site for it yet? Let us know.


2005-09-16 22:29:19's PSP Portal is now on-line!
Greeting, would like to annouce the opening of their PSP Portal. The PSP Portal is a specially formatted website designed to give the PSP users easy access to many of the Internet sites that are formatted to fit PDA/Cell Phone/PSP screens. Additionally, the menu system allows the PSP owner to move from site to site without having to bring up the Sony PSP's Cell Phone style keyboard.

Please take a few moments and explore the website. Accessing from your PC/Mac will bring you to the full-sized site.
Direct URL to test the PSP Portal from a PC:

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding


Dennis Pickett