Sony Playstation Portable 2.5 upgrade released

by Todd Ogasawara

Sony released a version 2.5 upgrade for its Sony Playstation Portable on oct. 13.

Sony PSP 2.5 Update Page

Sony PSP 2.5 Features

The update page provides a brief summary of the upgrade featues including LocationFree Player that lets you stream video from your own sources to the PSP over the Internet and viewing copyright protected video stored on a Memory Stick Duo.
This is an interesting set of released enhancements coming on the heels of the release of Apple's video iPod and Apples Disney/ABC video content distribution agreement.
You can learn more about LocationFree at:

LocationFree for Sony PSP

What's your take on this Sony PSP 2.5 firmware upgrade?


2005-10-16 09:03:09
Sony PSP should ..
worry more about it's games.. It's a great platform but the lack of titles is truly astounding..

~jennifer k~

2006-04-23 18:41:27
HOw do i upgrade my 2.5 psp, and what can it do if i upgrade it.
Todd Ogasawara
2006-04-23 20:49:05
The current Sony PSP firmware version is 2.6. You can find official information about the update and its features at Sony: Sony PSP 2.60 System Update